Alain Chabat: who are his children Max, Louise and Lucie?

Alain Chabat has three children. The eldest Max and his two sisters Louise and Lucie. The actor at the head of the program Burger Quiz sure TMC since April 2018 has always wanted to preserve his very private life. Very little information comes out in the press. He avoids being photographed in the evenings, even less shows his children. We just know that they have grown up and that they are part of the entertainment world. The eldest, Max, 32, was recently talked about by playing a role in a parody advertisement for Burger Quiz on November 7. In addition to this participation, Max Chabat also works in the program on the preparation of the games. Younger, he had also appeared in films directed by his father. In particular, in 2002, he played the role of an Egyptian child in Asterix and Obelix: Cleopatra mission, one of the biggest successes of French cinema. He also made a small appearance in Didier in 1998.

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Alain Chabat's youngest daughter, Louise, is 30 years old. She is an actress. She also made her debut in one of her father's films. She had a small role in 2012 in the film On the Marsupilami's trail and in 2013 in The kids directed by Anthony Marciano. It is truly in 2017 that it obtains a more important role. Another film directed by his father: Santa and Co.. She plays the role of one of the elves there. But point of piston, as Alain Chabat underlines in Female version : "I organized a casting, seen a lot of people including Bruno Sanches, who amazed me. Louise had tests and I saw what she did. I also know her face and I know what she can do. I said to myself: 'Well, yes, she's my elf. The work was very pleasant, very professional because I really felt like I was directing an actress and not my daughter. Sometimes I just needed to say "Louise" to her, and she immediately understood what that little gesture meant."

The youngest of the siblings, Lucie, is 25 years old. We know very little about her. She would rather be tempted by a career behind the camera since she started as an intern with the assistant director of give me your hand by Eric Lartigau in 2006. A film in which a certain ... Alain Chabat played. A family that likes to work together discreetly.

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