Alexandra Lamy her fun cut and color video on Instagram

A few months ago, we asked you about the different hair colors of Emily Blunt ... Because the star lent herself to the game of transformation over the course of her career.

The week of February 27, 2017 is Alexandra Lamy who tested the capillary metamorphosis by impressing the gallery.
How? By playing with wigs with different hair colors of course!

The actress published on her account a small video where she presents herself transformed. Long hair, short cut, abandoning the blonde with which we know her, to try brown lengths and even copper red.
The Frenchwoman seems delighted with her little ride and her good humor is so palpable that she takes us into her carousel of hairstyle looks through the images.

Alexandra Lamy promotes her next film Spoiled for choice, in which she will interpret a eccentric quadra, but its festival of styles could seduce many directors.

And you, how do you prefer Alexandra Lamy? Blonde, brunette or redhead?

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