Alicia Aylies (Miss France 2017) totally changes her look and becomes blonde

It is almost difficult to recognize it. During the Good Fairies evening of this March 20 which took place at Pré Catelan, Miss France 2017 appeared with straight platinum blonde hair. Alicia Aylies is used to changing her hairstyle, sometimes natural hair, sometimes braided. At the time of her election as Miss France, the young woman's hair had been the source of a controversy since it had been straightened for her official photo while she appeared mostly natural. This time, blond and straightened hair, Alicia Aylies passed a milestone. And her look is immortalized in a story on the magazine's Instagram account here is.

Les bons fées is an association made up of emblematic Miss France who decided "Use their notoriety to offer this little magic wand to those who need it." According to the official website of the association the goal is "to educate the general public about mutual aid, by adopting a lifestyle based on generosity, respect and listening to others.". They also raised 105,000 euros. If Alicia Aylies' hairstyle risks making people talk, the time is especially for the good deeds of beautiful fairies.

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