Alyssa Milano: the unrecognizable Charmed heroine

Boyish cut, glamorous curls, blonde colo, bangs ... During the 8 seasons of the series, Alyssa Milano alias Phoebe Halliwel never stopped changing hairstyles. But whatever the style, she remained attractive. Everything seemed to be fine with him ... until today.

This morning on Instagram, we discover it with blond locks. So far nothing extraordinary, except that the shade chosen by the actress is a very bland ash blonde, too light for its chestnut base, and poorly distributed over the whole of its bob.
As his fans on social media would say: "Oh my God !"This new color gives it another 10 years.

Such a waste ! Especially since Alyssa Milano does not stop at this capillary faux pas, she outrageously made up her eyebrows with a shade warmer than that of her hair. As a result, the contrast is only greater and the result less natural than ever. Any good makeup artist, or colorist, would have told him that color issue, everything is in the subtlety.

And to top it off, the sexy heroine of Melrose Place tried the experience of hyaluronic acid injections. Far from being luscious, her lips are swollen to the full, widening and emphasizing a little more her nasolabial lines (those that start from the base of the nose towards the corner of the lips).
The experiences of her elders, such as Nicole Kidman, have they not served him as a lesson?

Anyway, she's far away Samantha of Madam is served, fresh and sparkling. And his early fans will be very confused by discovering the new Alyssa Milano. Please ladies, assume your age. You are so much more glamorous naturally, with your expression lines and a less Marilyn blonde.

Discover Alyssa Milano's Instagram photo (@milano_alyssa)

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