Amazing, the connected UV sensor patch

Lounging in the sun, we all dream about it, but on the condition that you take no risk for your skin. At the risk of seeing brown spots or allergic reactions appear, which would force you to stay in the shade, adopt a responsible behavior under UV rays. The smart idea: adopt this ultra-thin, water-resistant, heart-shaped patch to stick on the back of the hand. Via the My UV Patch app from La Roche Posay, to download on your smarphone or Android, you will know in real time if your daily sunshine time is reached, if you need to add sunscreen, and even which protection index to choose. Made to measure!

How it works :

1 / Fill in your profile : what complexion, eye and hair color, your skin type (from dry to combination), and finally what is your protective texture used (milk, cream ...)

2 / Scan your patch to record your starting level, then cover it with sunscreen along with the rest of your body and face.

3 / Receive regular recommendations for 3 days, before renewing your patch.

To get one of the 500,000 products available free of charge, visit your dermatologist or one of the partner pharmacies.

While waiting to have a golden skin, learn on video to apply your self-tanner without faux-pas.

How to apply wearable UV tracking device, My UV Patch | La Roche-Posay (May 2020)

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