Amazing this eyelash effect mascara

Do you dream of an intense look, but without displaying a smoky or playing the liner? Easy with the V-shaped brush of this sculpting mascara. With its fine point, it tints the small eyelashes of the inner corner of the eye, without staining the skin. Using its flared part, it stretches the fringe from root to tip, while flexible spikes cover it with extra-black pigments, dodging the risk of bundles.

But his real secret weapon is the comb hidden in the center of the triangle, formed by the double row of pins. The latter sneaks close to the lashes to fill in the empty spaces, by tinting the skin with dozens of mini black dots. In the end: an impression of density that boosts the intensity of the look, naturally, without much makeup reinforcement. Do you feel tempted?

Our advice: For maximum volume, first make several passes at the base of the eyelashes, then deploy them in one go.

Butterfly Sculpt False Eyelashes, L'Oréal Paris, 15 €.

Follow our video tips to learn how to lengthen your lashes.

False Eyelash Effect Using Just Mascara (June 2020)

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