Angelina Jolie regains her natural hair color

Angelina Jolie is a mod icone and beauty. The actress who advocates the natural always surprises with the freshness of her looks. If there is one thing that characterizes his style, it is that it is constant! The actress had only a few moments of perditions in her youth, but adolescence in the spotlight and most certainly far from easy. After looking for a while, the glamor bomb who seduced Brad Pitt has not deviated a bit from this chic and classic style that suits him so well.


An idol of natural beauty

On the beauty side, it's the same, her perfect-skinned face has never known anything but light layers of foundation and small notes of blush for light up the whole thing. Never coarse contouring or very marked mouth. It must be said that at this level, nature has already spoiled the actress very well. Angelina is a model for all those who advocate the natural.


A chestnut with hot chocolate nuances

This time his fans will still not be disappointed. The actress visiting France for the promotion of the last Guerlain perfume of which she will once again be the muse, appeared fresher than ever, a new hair color. No more blonde reflections, this summer Angelina Jolie returns to its natural chestnut. The one she wore when she took her first steps in the celebrity world. The change is very subtle but that's what makes all the difference, especially with a set of shades of hot chocolate in the sun that we love. In terms of length, nothing changes, we stay on a mid-length can be slightly refreshed. You have to believe that the square (the trendiest cup of the moment) is not to the taste of the actress who plays Maleficent in cinema.

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