Anne Roumanoff on vacation: she assumes her sunburn in a beach towel

At 53, Anne Roumanoff is enjoying her vacation in the sun. She even shows it on Instagram to share these moments with her over 41,000 subscribers. The humorist posed in a white towel in front of a landscape worthy of a postcard: blue sky, sea, boats ... All the ingredients are there for her to pass a pleasant stay.

So she poses the smile... but with sunburn. In her legend, Anne Roumanoff has fun when she writes: “A little rest ... and some sunburns…”. She does not lack self-deprecation. His biggest sunburn is at the neckline, an area where the skin is thin and tends to age easily. Too bad, Anne Roumanoff has decided to proudly display the brands of her swimsuit. TV presenter Faustine Bollaert commented: "Beautiful !!! Sexy! ”. Other Internet users have fun: “Always in red, but crayfish this time”, referring to the usual red outfit that Anne Roumanoff always wears.

How to avoid sunburn in summer?

If she takes on her sunburns, the comedian could have avoided them. Indeed, the harmful effects of the sun on the skin are no longer to be proven. The UV can cause skin disease and premature aging of the epidermis. That’s why we have to best protect avoiding exposure to the hottest hours, that is to say between 12h and 16h.

Next, consider applying high SPF sun protection every two hours to your entire body and face. Even by taking these precautions, you can tan, but safely!

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A little rest ... and some sunburns ...

A post shared by Anne Roumanoff (@anneroumanoff) on Aug 2, 2019 at 2:53 am PDT

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