Anthony Kavanagh without his braids: you want to see?

We knew Anthony Kavanagh funny - normal for a comedian - we discover thefacetious man with his hair !

Even if we have already seen it with very short hair, most of us have memories of a man with braids. Because after investigation, these are not dreadlocks, as you might think, but authentic braids "vanilla". It is their name.

Before announcing that he was going to cut everything, Anthony Kavanagh posted a message on Facebook on March 13, 2017 for his subscribers.

Look :

And yes it's done, I cut my hair!

Posted by Anthony Kavanagh on Monday, March 13, 2017

He then indicates that it is a joke, he did not really cut everything.

Posted by Anthony Kavanagh on Monday, March 13, 2017

Nevertheless, under his little cap, the man presents himself with his natural hair, without his legendary braids. Before attaching them, straightening them, or cutting them, as he had been able to explain with humor in a sketch of Dancing show on France 2, we invite him to consult our best tips to hydrate, repair and maintain your hair.

The comedian also announced his hair transformation on March 13, 2017 via a tweet.

What do I do? I leave them like this?

- Anthony Kavanagh (@kavanaghanthony) March 13, 2017

sources: Facebook, Twitter / Anthony Kavanagh

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