Anti-aging: finally discover THE ideal time to wash your face

If you sleep at night, the cell, they have no respite. During the day, the skin protected us and served us shield. In the evening, it no longer has this role and can be renewed. That’s why the peak of cell renewal would be set to 23 hours and the process would continue until 4 a.m..

That’s why it should not be clean his face just before getting sleep, but a little bit earlier, at the end of the day when night falls and the cells begin their work. Why ? Because if you “strip” your skin when it renews, you riskto damage. The study conducted by the Genomic Center for Regulation explains that washing your face at sunset would also preserve the youthfulness of the skin.

Adopt the right gestures

The latter is more receptive care in the evening because it is more permeable: this is why applying a night cream can be beneficial. After gently cleaning your face with a sweet product, apply a nourishing care to pamper and radiate upon waking!

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