Assume your nose, the challenge that makes the buzz

What is this trend?

The hashtag #sideprofilselfie (selfie in profile, in French) was created by the writer and journalist Rhadika Sanghani. It’s after observing the many movements of self-acceptance on social media that she had the idea to create #sideprofileselfie: “I have seen so many body positivism campaigns of all kinds, from acne to weight, that I realized that if people can accept the things they hate the most at home I could learn to love my nose”, She explains to Huffington Post UK.

On his post Twitter, the journalist writes: “Let's break the taboo big noses with my #sideprofileselfie campaign. Let's stop hating our noses on the pretext that they are not small upturned noses and learn to love them by sharing a #sideprofileselfie! ”.

She tells the Huffington Post UK : “It was so liberator for me to accept it, I wanted to help other people to feel the same ". Goal achieved: since the hashtag was created on February 20, more than 1,200 people have already shared a profile picture of themselves, with their noses in evidence sure Instagram.

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Here's my #sideprofileselfie to break the big nose taboo. I used to hate my nose when I was younger. And would hide anytime a photo was taken from my profile. Now I embrace it and love it and would never change it. It's a part of me.

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