Baby… and already connected!

Before they even learn to speak or even walk, they already know how to "scroll". By the age of 6 months, one in three babies will be able to use a smartphone or digital tablet. In any case, this is what a recent American study presented at the Congress of Pediatrics in San Diego claims.

After surveying 370 parents of children aged six months to four years, the researchers found that the use of screens was starting earlier and earlier. Indeed, before the age of one year, 53% of babies watch television and 36% have already had a smartphone or tablet in their hands. But the most amazing figures are to come. 24% of children (still under the age of one) have already made a phone call, 15% play apps on the phone and 12% play video games ...

For Hilda Kabali, the main author of the study, it is a surprise: "We did not expect children to play on these devices from 6 months. Some are on these screens for more than 30 minutes a day".

These results therefore raise questions related to the proper use of new technologies, especially among toddlers. Parents are therefore reminded that the use of tablets and smartphones is not recommended before the age of two (according to the report "The child and the screens" published by the Academy of Sciences). If you let your child play before this age on screens, accompany him and limit the use well in time. As for video games or computers, we remind you that they are not recommended before the age of four.

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