Back to school, fruit desserts to eat!

Yep, for us too, it's hard to come back ... Swimming, napping by the water, reading on the sand, it's over until next year. In order not to give in to the little depression after returning from vacation, we put on vitamins with September fruits.

We first fall for plums, the stars of the fall. Quetches, claude, mirabelle plums or Japanese-American, choose your variety according to the taste and color you want to give to your dessert. With mirabelle plums, for example, you will get sweet and sweet flavors. The right idea? Slide these yellow fruits into a crumble to make them deliciously caramelize ... Yum! For winter, we also think of putting them in jars.

Also on the shopping list: pears. If their harvest continues in the fall, they are already starting to land on early market stalls and supermarkets - in their summer varieties like Williams or Guyot. Firmer than plums, they can be used in different desserts provided they do not make too much water, keeping in mind the right combinations ... Pear-chocolate and pear-cinnamon are the undeniable.

The fig also inspires us with fresh creations, to slip into our back-to-school menus. We like it roasted, pan-fried, raw in salads, or even in a delicious tatin. On these back-to-school days, special mention also for bananas. Very rich, it will give enough energy to young and old to last all day ... So, are we ready?

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