Beauty: these indoor plants to adopt to have beautiful skin

Doctors agree that our interiors are too polluted. Air fresheners, aerosol cans, PVC plasticizers, chimney ... We are confronted daily with products harmful to our health and our epidermis. Not to mention the heating which is running at full speed this winter and which dries the air and weakens the skin.

More and more dermatologists are advising flower its interior to find a healthy environment and at the same time, beautiful skin. Doctor Jennifer Hermann details to the American media Zoe Report : “through a process of sweating, plants produce moisture in the air, which significantly improves the rate ofskin hydration". Plants are also capable of absorbing pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene or even carbon monoxide to transform it into “healthy” oxygen.

So which houseplants to adopt for beautiful skin? According to a NASA study, 9 plants are particularly appreciated for their depolluting virtues : the spider plant, the moon flower, the ivy, the Areca palm, the dragon tree, the ficus, the sansevière, the aloe vera and the Boston fern.

And good news: you don't need a green thumb to keep these indoor plants alive, they require very little maintenance.

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