Before / After: discover the new trend of jaw injections

Edit the shape of his jaw. Here is the new trend in aesthetic medicine straight from the United States which is attracting more and more women in France. The Jawline Contouring, either in French “Draw the contours of the jaw” has nothing to do with traditional contouring done with make-up.

Change the shape of his face

Here it’s aboutinject hyaluronic acid or another substance such as hydroxylapatite, marketed as "Radiesse”, In certain places of the jaw to modify its appearance. The objective of Jawline Contouring ? Give it back more angular, like that of Angelina Jolie. Men can also use it to make their more square lines for a price between 200 and 400 euros per syringe (the price varies according to the number of syringes and the product chosen).

Like all injections, the results only last about one to two years depending on the substance used. If this technique does not require surgery and can be performed in a few minutes in a specialized office, it is important to remember that any injection must be subject to strict control because they are not harmless.

Make-up, an effective alternative

Not ready, or just not want to use cosmetic medicine? You have makeup left, a major ally for redraw your face. You can adopt contouring to maximize volumes or reduce the appearance of your play or your nose for example since it's about playing with shadows and lights.

More or less visible and accentuated, the contourings are very appreciated by stars like Kim Kardashian or Kylie jenner. Are you going to adopt it?

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