Before / after: teenage girls touch up their photos and the result is alarming

Touch up her face. The nose, the mouth, the shape of the eyes ... Who has never thought that he would change something on his face? This is what the Scottish photographer proposed John Rankin Waddell to several adolescent girls between the ages of 13 and 19. This project is called “Selfie Harm”, or the “evil of the selfie”, in French. It is part of a larger project called "Visual Diet", which warns the public against the impact of “perfect” images and social media filters on the Mental Health and self-perception.

The principle ? These young girls could freely edit their portraits using editing software, until they find it good enough for it to be published on social networks. Result: none of them decided to leave their photo as it is, natural.

A perception harmful to mental health

On the one hand, all teen have touched up the same parts of their faces, making, in addition, all same modifications. Their mouths are plumped up to give a more pulpy, their eyes are a little stretched so that they have an almond shape, their nose is refined as well as their jaw and their skin is ultra smooth : no more imperfections. “I find it disturbing how important even small changes are”, laments the photographer.

“The unretouched portraits show the real face of youth and natural beauty, unlike modified versions ”, can we read on the Visual Diet Instagram account. The photographer warns of Snapchat dysmorphism, a new fashion due to filters used on networks where people want to look like their “improved” selfies and touched up.

Models of stars that do not exist

“It is time to recognize the negative effects social networks about the image people have of themselves ”, notes Rankin. One of the reasons why adolescent girls make these changes is that they want to look like their “models” and enter the aesthetic standard imposed by celebrities on networks like Instagram.

This type of doll physique (big eyes, small nose, plump lips ...) is conveyed by personalities like Kim Kardashian or Bella Hadid, models of many young women who sometimes forget that they have gone through the cosmetic surgery box and are followers of photoshoped selfies.

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