Since July 18, Beijing Express is back on M6 for a twelfth season. A total of 16 candidates dared to embark on this new adventure called The road of the 50 volcanoes during which they have to travel to Central America and then to South America. Among the eight pairs, two former contenders for the crown of Miss France 2018: Kleofina, 24, and Julia, 22 years old, for whom the road has been strewn with pitfalls.

As the young woman revealed to 7 days TV, she almost gave up her red backpack because of her health problems related to significant weight loss. "I was very sick. Almost to the point of giving up and falling several times in apples. I even had to be infused", she said, before revealing having lost 8 kilos in total. But that didn't stop Julia from fighting daily: "I never let go", she assured.

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During these difficult times, the adventurer was able to count on the support of her comrade with a steel mind, who apparently did not encounter any major problems. "I would rather say that I gained muscle. When you trudge with a 15 kg bag on your back, it's worth all the sports training", she explained. Thanks to their great determination and exemplary courage, Julia and Kleofina have all the weapons to go very far in the adventure ...

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