Besides wine, what drinks should you serve with cheese?

Cheese lovers, hang in there. Now that you know that red wine is not recommended for enjoying a good cheese, you will discover that many other drinks, alcoholic or not, go perfectly with cheeses. This is what we learned from the new guide "Le Fromage Pour Les Nuls", signed by the best worker in France in dairy and cheese making François Robin. True bible, it traces the history of cheese through the ages, but also its methods of production, the terroirs of France but also of the whole world. And even presents delicious cheese recipes. To give you an idea, you will discover 10 in this article. And here is an extract devoted to the drinks that go best with cheese, except wine of course.

"Wine is not the only thing in life, if only because there are regions where wine exists mainly for climatic reasons. In much ofNorth Europe, we got into the habit of tasting cheese with other fermented drinks like cider or beer. These consumption habits tend to generalize with globalization and a search for novelty for the emerging generation who will be able to skip the wine box without problems at the aperitif. And since there are many curious and great specialists in many fields, there is probably a lot to discover ...

Beverage-cheese pairing: beers

Coming from the United States and northern Europe, the fashion for microbreweries is exploding in France. Where there were only a few references, it is almost impossible today not to find a local beer while traveling. This bubbling creativity will of course need to be decanted, but the main thing is there: you can find great beers that will give almost perfect pairings with cheese.

Beer is more frequently consumed as an aperitif, which allows cheese to be introduced at this time of the day, especially on finger-pecked boards that are shared with friends or work colleagues in the end. week. Its lower alcohol level than that of wine also makes it possible to satisfy a wider clientele. Consuming beer is no longer exclusively reserved for male football supporters thanks to the multitude of local and often organic productions.

To pair a beer with a cheese, you must avoid adding one flavor to another. For example, pairing a tangy white beer with tangy goat cheese is something to avoid. The use of hops can give the beer a bitterness that lovers appreciate. However, be careful not to choose beers that are too hoppy if your cheese is itself slightly bitter. The possibilities are quite significant in terms of taste marriage, so we will limit ourselves to a few examples of union that have proven themselves over time.

What beer to drink with cheese?

Thick dark roasted Irish beer with a extra old gouda.
Slightly sweet red beer with a light blue type Vercors blue.
Thirsty blonde beer with a abundance rather young.
Tart white beer with a Epoisses well matured.
IPA beer with great bitterness and citrus notes on a summer beaufort.
Belgian Trappist beer with a herve.

Beverage-cheese pairing: ciders

Normandy is a land where you will meet many Norman cows but never in the vineyards since they do not exist. On the other hand, they graze very often in the shade of apple trees, the abundant production of which is transformed into calvados, pommeau and cider.
To test a livarot or a pont-l'êque with a sweet little raw cider, it is to ensure a return to the heart of the Norman Bocage, between the power of the cheeses and the delicious roundness of the apple. To best match a Normandy Camembert, we will head for a cider with fairly powerful ripe fruit aromas.Very sweet ciders can possibly be paired with fairly saline cheeses such as parsley, but we can also test the accord with pommeau which is a fairly sweet drink between cider and calvados.

Beverage-cheese pairing: whiskeys

The world of whiskey has changed tremendously in the past twenty years, and there are now productions in many countries beyond Scotland and Ireland, such as France and Japan. Some professionals (including Nicolas Julhès in Paris) have looked into the whiskey & cheese pairings and we can try some of their combinations, but rather in a context of rather slow and hedonistic tasting. To reserve for amateurs a little pointed.

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What whiskey to drink with cheese?

Whiskey lowlands on sweetness with a sheep's tomme
Highland and honeyed highland whiskey with a Saint-Nectaire
Irish whiskey on the roundness with a abundance farmer
Very peated whiskey (Isle of Islay) with a Roquefort

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Beverage-cheese pairing: teas and coffees

If we depart very clearly from the French tradition by pairing cheese with a tea, we usually get closer to English and Asian. The tea world also knows its great vintages, its specialists and its dedicated shops. We have seen a few workshops and tea and cheese matching initiatives flourish here and there, which can be applied at everyone's time. teatime English, which allows you to have a snack while avoiding alcohol.

There is a huge difference between Japanese green tea and Chinese black tea, much like in the world of wine. Care should be taken in testing, avoiding overly hot beverages which tend to quench the cheese and overly long infusions which can develop bitterness. Some benchmarks to get you started (according to the Palais des thés).

What teas to drink with cheese?

Chinese black tea with blue.
Chinese pu tea with county.
Indian darjeeling tea with a bridge the bishop.
Smoked tea lapsong souchon with a well no.

With the development of grands crus and the emergence of a barista scene, the idea was born that coffee and cheese could be combined. In the form of tasting workshops or on the occasion of a sort of “gourmet cheese coffee”, you are free to experiment with these agreements, some of which join a form of working class tradition (nod to the northern tradition of maroilles with chicory). The range of flavors offered by cafes is quite impressive, between woody, acidic, chocolatey, roundness and bitterness, everything we need to make happy marriages successful.

Beverage-cheese pairing: fruit juices

For all those who do not consume alcohol, for children, for pregnant women, the use of fruit juice is an ideal solution. In this case, it is better to have fun with good quality fruit juices in order to avoid the added sugars that are often found in low-cost fruit juices. Also beware of the acidity that can cover a cheese or reveal some unpleasant flavors.

What fruit juices to drink with cheese?

Here is a set of agreements tested and approved by Caroline Boquet, specialist in sensory analysis and cheeses.

Cream cheese with a red fruit nectar (strawberry, raspberry ...).
Normandy Camembert or Brie de Meaux with apple juice or apple-quince.
Epoisses with white grape juice, or more original munster with lychee juice.
Beaufort and county with pineapple juice.
Tomme de Savoie or Saint-Nectaire with blueberry juice.
Blue Auvergne or Roquefort with pear juice.
Goat cheese with a strawberry nectar or a good apple juice.

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Beverage-cheese pairing: spirits

No question here of trying to match the mojito or white russian with dry goats, it would be a waste of time, everything is not possible ... but we can remember that in some regions, we produce fruit alcohols which can be excellent cheese enhancers.
We will advise you to push your psychological limits and to test.

What spirits to drink with cheese?

Porto and stilton, an English tradition that has good.
Pineau Charentais and goat cheese very dry.
Pear alcohol and Roquefort, a marvel of sensations.
Gin delicately placed in the hollow of a langres.
Mirabelle plum liquor from Lorraine and munster of the Vosges.

Then it's up to you to launch yourself into the endless range of cognac, armagnac, marc de pays, decoction of artichokes and other grandfather mixtures, but nothing is guaranteed ... "

Extract from Le Fromage Pour Les Nuls, by François ROBIN, best worker in France in creamery-cheese making, published by First.

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