Beware of the risk of tuberculosis if you take a ride on an elephant

Be careful if you travel to India and plan an elephant ride. The animal welfare association PETA warns of the risk of tuberculosis, which can be transmitted from elephant to humans. It was at Amber Fort in Jaipur, India, that the association observed 10 cases of tuberculosis and therefore asked tourists to avoid approaching elephants and not to ride on their backs.

Unhealthy animals

But the revelations don't stop there. In addition to the ten elephants suffering from tuberculosis, several are over the age of 50, of which 19 are (or almost) blind. In addition to these pathologies, there are injuries to the feet (too long or blue nails) and “Serious psychological distress” found in many elephants.

The association therefore observes ill-treatment of these elephants who carry tourists all day. These numerous pathologies therefore pose a problem for pachyderms, in the first place, but also for tourists who could be injured.

Especially that the rules and laws for the protection of wildlife are not respected. The maximum load of 200 kg per elephant is often exceeded, and out of 102 animals, 47 had their tusks removed, probably in a commercial logic.

Cyril Ernst, spokesperson for PETA therefore wishes to alert to these abuses and requests the “End [of] these tourist attractions”.

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