Beyoncé: this color that she brings up to date and that we love

At a festival in Johannesburg given in tribute à Nelson Mandela, Queen B appeared more stylish than ever. Beyoncé has decided to wear a sequined bodysuit multicolored. The whole covered with a mantle representing all the countries of African continent.

An original coloring

Side hair, the singer adopted a brand new look. Exit the almost platinum blonde adopted during his concerts last July in Paris. The star finds his original coloring : a deep chocolate brown. But that's not all: the wicks that frame his face are much clearer than the rest of her hair. They are almost blonde! Fashionable coloring in 90s that the superstar is bringing up to date.

A good idea ? If you are looking for someoriginality, that may be the solution. of the lighter wicks closer to your face brighten your complexion and look good. The result does not have to be as contrast than that of the singer. So, if you have brown hair, you can opt for caramel highlights instead.

As for its cut, Beyoncé has chosen to complete her lengths and leave them spare. Her hair normally comes just below her shoulders, but the star has decided to add more XXL extensions. We love !

>> Quickly discover its ultra trendy coloring

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Beyoncé - ***Flawless ft. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (May 2020)

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