Blake Lively's makeup artist reveals his tip for choosing the right lipstick

Kristofer Buckle, Blake Lively's make-up artist but also Mariah Carey, Jessica Chastain and Kendall Jenner revealed to E magazine! News his tip for choose the right color from lipstick, depending on your make-up or your complexion. What save us precious minutes in the morning ...

"If I make a very pronounced eye makeup, I rather head towards a clear and discreet shade. On the contrary, if I do little eye makeup, I select a brighter or darker color. I also sometimes apply a nude on the lips with very little make-up eyes if I want a subtle look. "

Kristofer then explains that he has another unstoppable tip for choosing the right lipstick color: "I generally choose a color opposite that of the complexion, so that the whole is fresh and harmonious. For example, if a person has a very yellow complexion, I apply cold shades to the lips, such as a pink or mauve. "

Good advice to remember for your next make-up!

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