#Boxerbraids: braids for this fall

This is the favorite hair trend for Instagram women. Also spotted on this season's fashion shows, this hairstyle is inspired by the look of boxers who pin their hair on their heads to have a perfectly clear face during matches. Rest assured, the version that we are proposing to make is more feminine and romantic!

Is it for me? Yes, if you have thick and long hair, preferably darker at the roots than at the ends to give contrast to the hairstyle. If yours are thin, your skull may appear transparent once the hair is braided ...

How to reproduce this look? Make two or more African braids, drop them on your shoulders or join them in a single tie. Do not hesitate to pull on the wicks of the mats to give them more volume and material.

We also offer you 15 hairstyle ideas for this fall and a video tutorial to make a sophisticated braid:

Double 5-Strand Braids into Woven Fishtail Braids | Back to School Hairstyles | Braid Your Own Hair (May 2020)

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