Brown eye makeup, the art of magnifying your gaze

Make up her brown eyes for a natural look


to go to work or go shopping, a natural makeup and discreet is required. But who says discreet does not mean without personality for this hazelnut, golden, almost black or chocolate iris.

During the day

The colors that match are in the range of browns and beiges. By choosing them as a duo, a lighter shade for the inner corner of the eye and a darker shade for the outer corner. This helps to enlarge the look.
The main thing is to choose a different from that of iris, to avoid the tone on tone which weakens the look. And if the choice is on beige, it can be slightly iridescent without making it too much.
A black mascara slightly lengthens eyelashes and a black eyeliner draws a fine line which ends in a light comma not too thick or raised.

Sparkling eye makeup

An outing with girlfriends? A funky evening in perspective? The colors can also be there!
Unlike blue and green eyes, brown eyes can afford all colors or almost. The only ones shades to avoid are the pastel shades and white eyeshadows, at the risk of having a dull and dull look. But color question, there is something to have fun!
For a pop and sparkling side, the pink eyeshadows, green or purple are highly recommended, accompanied by a suitable mascara: purple with pink and purple eyeshadows, black or brown for green eyeshadows. With more sober eyeshadows, of the metallic gray or iridescent brown type, an electric blue mascara will wake up your eyes with that touch of controlled eccentricity.
Bright colors go as much to brunettes as to blondes, for fair skin as for dark skin, so much to enjoy!

Intense eye makeup

An intense look for a romantic evening or a dinner where you want to shine brightly, it is above all dark and elegant colors like purple, black, golden brown, or khaki. To apply it, always choose a lighter color that will be partially covered with the dark color, in the outer corner of the eye and slightly above, in the crease of the eyelid, in the shape of a halo. so that the eyes are enlarged. The mascara is chosen black and ultra lengthening, while the eyeliner can be made more present, in particular on the decimal point, and slip gradually fading along the line of the eyelashes of the lower eyelid.

A smoky eyes is also a must to get an intense look. For this, dark colors can be mixed, in particular khaki and brown or purple and black. The cold colors are more suited to light skin, while the warm colors are more suited to dark skin tones.

Eye makeup for the holidays

Whether it's the end of year celebrations or a wedding, brown eyes can be sublimated with a few sparkles or iridescent eyeshadows. The colors remain sober, whether it is brown, green or purple, but it is the texture that will brighten the look. Even grays can invite themselves to the party if they are metallic, but only for fair skin: gray and tan or black skin, it is done but it is not the most suitable. The same goes for blue, rather reserved for fair skin, while dark skin will turn to copper, golden or bronze eyeshadows.

The final touch with a black mascara which goes well with all eyeshadows, or brown which goes well with green, khaki, brown, golden or copper shades. The eyeliner can be discreet to make room for glitter.

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