Buy your care in pharmacies, why is it safer?

The pro's advice

Being advised by a health expert is very reassuring for consumers. And that’s what makes men and women push the door. Any doubt, any advice? The pharmacist is present for provide details, support choices, help clients find the product that best suits their needs. The pro's advice establishes a real relationship of trust.

Formula security

Prefer care made in France, and especially devoid of controversial components, claiming 0% of undesirable substances. The majority of products presented in pharmacies are dermatologically tested, tested by healthcare professionals and consumers. Good news, Dermasens from the Marque Verte Laboratory meets all these criteria!

The sweetness of the ingredients

The care products sold in pharmacies are also better suited for sensitive skin. The ingredients in the formulas have been handpicked to ensure maximum softness. In any case, this is the aim of the Green Label Laboratory. With Dermasens, forget about aggressive preservatives like MIT, or parabens which can be badly tolerated by certain skins, its healthy formulas respect even the most sensitive skin.

To find in pharmacies and on

How To Find a Safe Online Pharmacy | Patient Safety When Buying Prescription Medication Online (May 2020)

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