Calorie chart: can you guess which is the most caloric soda?

Seven Up Light: 0 kcal

Coca-Cola Light: 1 kcal

Coca-Cola zero: 1 kcal

Coca-Cola Light Lemon: 3 kcal

Zero Sprite: 3 kcal

Schweppes citrus ’Light: 5 kcal

Fanta zero orange: 14 kcal

Orangina Light: 15 kcal

Schweppes lemon: 65 kcal

Citrus Schweppes: 72 kcal

Sprite: 83 kcal

Schweppes indian tonic: 90 kcal

Citrus Fanta: 97 kcal

Lemon or orange fanta: 98 kcal

Coca Cola : 105 kcal

Orangina: 105 kcal

Vanilla Coca-Cola: 107 kcal

Red orangina: 108 kcal

Coca-Cola without caffeine: 110 kcal

Coca-Cola Cherry: 105 kcal

Seven Up: 113 kcal

(These calories are given for the equivalent of a glass = 25cl)

Discover by what to replace sodas, to keep the line! and use the calorie table

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