Cancer, berries attacking

Already known to be effective against high blood pressure, vision problems or infections, these small red fruits could play a role in cancer, and not only in prevention as previously thought. According to a new Finno-American study, the anthocyanins they contain could indeed be the basis of a future treatment targeting cancer cells.

These natural pigments, responsible for their pretty purple color, play a key role in increasing the function of enzymes called sirtuins. As we know, aging leads to changes in the function of these enzymes within our cells, which can cause cancer. Therefore, the compounds that can regulate the activities of these enzymes are considered to be true therapeutic agents. Anthocyanins are therefore at the forefront in the search for a future treatment that would target tumors.

While waiting for the next results, we can't wait to find these fruits - raspberries, blueberries, blackcurrants ... - on our plates. They are full of virtues, without the calories, so nothing to deprive yourself of!

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