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Medium-sized, the Abyssinian is a slender, elegant cat that moves with the elasticity and sense of balance that are characteristic of big cats. Endowed with a strong personality, he remains secret and modest all at times.

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American curl

The originality of the American curl lies in the shape of its ears. Placed high, trimmed with small tufts of hair, they curl upside down towards the top of his skull and give him a funny face.

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Turkish Angora

Originally from Turkey, this is the first long-haired cat introduced to Europe by an Italian traveler in the 16th century. Overshadowed by the Persian, it is saved from complete oblivion by American breeders who import it from the Ankara zoo.

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Russian Blue

This cat with green eyes radiates a charm to which one cannot remain insensitive for very long. Slender and graceful, he wears a light gray-blue dress with silver reflections, similar to snow.

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Japanese bobtail

At first glance, it is a cat without great originality. Upon closer inspection, you realize that it has a bizarre tail folded in on itself. In Japan, it is compared to a chrysanthemum flower.

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With his jet-black robe and copper eyes, the Bombay cat looks like a miniature replica of this mysterious wild animal. A beauty to be doubted by the superstitious who still believe that black cats bring bad luck.

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Originally from Burma, its official recognition took place in 1936 in the United States. If he is still little known in France, each time he appears in a feline exhibition, he arouses the admiration of visitors.

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Even if it does not owe much to the order of the Carthusians, this superb gray cat with the woolly dress, very popular in France, is typically French. The breeding really started at the beginning of the 20th century thanks to two Breton breeders, the damsels Léger.

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Turkish Lake Van cat

To distinguish a Turkish cat from another cat, it's very easy: throw it in the water ... gently get along! If it seems as comfortable as a fish, it is indeed a Turkish cat from Lake Van, the only cat loving the water to the point of swimming willingly.

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Devon rex

English, original and sophisticated, the devon rex is, like other rex type cats, covered with a short, curly coat. Still not widely used in France, it nevertheless met with great curiosity success in cat shows.

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Recognized as a full-fledged breed in 1982, some even see it as the "ideal" gutter. He conquered his quarters of nobility and appears today in all feline exhibitions under the name of European.

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Exotic shorthair

Perfect persian but short-haired lining, the exotic shorthair has a robust build. Very widespread in the United States, this breed is finding more and more followers in Europe.

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Native to Southeast Asia, the appearance of havana, also known as havana brown or chestnut havana, dates back to the early 20th century. Some believe that its name comes from its color which evokes a good Cuban cigar.

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The korat comes from Thailand and it is a very old breed. Its original name, "Si Sah-waht", means prosperity. This magnificent blue-gray cat is rare in France.

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Maine coon

Everything in Maine Coon can be called exceptional. Starting with its history surrounded by legends; his very special physique; his character of an exemplary kindness ... in short, this cat is really worth the detour!

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A cat that does not have a tail is already very strange. But, when in addition it moves like a rabbit, it becomes frankly bizarre! Except for these particularities, the manx leads a cat life, after all quite ordinary.

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Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau is the only naturally spotted domestic cat breed. Its name comes from the Egyptian "mau" which means "cat".

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Munchkin cat

In France, the first appearance of this cat of American origin dates back to fifteen years. The munchkin cat comes from a spontaneous genetic mutation.The first kittens with short legs appeared naturally in a litter.

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Rustic, solid and protected by an opulent fur, the "skogkatt", in other words "the cat of the woods" is built to face the sharpest colds. Unknown in France until 1986, this magnificent feline with a very assertive personality is enjoying increasing popularity.

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The name ocicat was born from the contraction of the words ocelot, a big wild feline, and cat. It appeared following a deliberate cross between a Siamese and a semi-Siamese half-Abyssinian cat.

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Elegant, slender, the oriental is a seducer. However, if for you, a cat should embody calm and tranquility, turn the page! Otherwise let yourself be charmed by this pretty tomcat: it has something to "crack" even the most reluctant.

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More than a feline breed, the Persians have become a "confederation" of Persian races. Indeed, there are more than 200 varieties today. His physique enchants or displeases, but leaves no one indifferent.

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Scottish fold

But no, the Scottish fold is no more unhappy than another! This sad little air, he owes it to the shape of his ears. One way like another to get everything you want without asking anything ...

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In truth, the Siamese are not always unanimous: we love them or we don't love them! Very beautiful, very “talkative” and very prolific, these cats are excessive and do nothing like the others.

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She is the cat of one family. Worse, from a single master! Endowed with a fine intelligence and a great sensitivity, Somali turns out to be a very endearing companion.

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Without the success of the film E.T., the sphynx would probably never have aroused the interest we have in it today. Like any strange creature, this cat inspires both love and repulsion. But beneath its extraordinary appearance, hides a sweet and affectionate animal.

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Half Siamese, half burmese, its silhouette is between these two races. Medium in size and slender, it has a Siamese air with slightly more rounded shapes. As for his eyes, like two aquamarines, they are among the beautiful of the feline kind.

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All 93 Cat Breeds In The World (A to Z) (September 2021)

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