Cervical cancer screening: Agnès Buzyn promises 100% care

Screening for cervical cancer may soon become free. This is one of the measures presented on Monday as part of a health prevention plan. "We are going to take 100% responsibility for cervical cancer screening. All women who have not had a Pap smear for three years will have to do a Pap smear that is 100% covered by social security ", announced Agnès Buzyn, at the microphone of France Inter Sunday March 25.

The objective? "Avoiding 3000 unnecessary cervical cancer cases per year and 1000 deaths per year", says the Minister of Health. "We are very poor at prevention in France, we have a health system that only funds care once we are sick and which funds prevention actions very poorly" She connects.

A major prevention plan launched

"We are going to launch a major prevention plan with extremely concrete measures that will allow the French to get less sick and save lives" adds Agnès Buzyn. The prevention plan was presented this Monday to an inter-ministerial committee on the premises of Public Health France, in Val-de-Marne. The measures presented give concrete expression, according to Matignon, "the first axis" of the national health strategy, which is the government's action on health by the end of the five-year term. In addition, at the end of February, Agnès Buzyn had announced the concretization of the "health service", a promise of the campaign of Emmanuel Macron. "As of September 2018, 48,000 student nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists, doctors will go to schools to explain sexually transmitted diseases in particular. "

Up to now, screening for cervical cancer has been reimbursed at 70%. Two exams are already covered by Social Security: mammography for breast cancer and the rapid immunological test for colorectal cancer.

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