Charlottes for all tastes!

Which cookies to choose for a successful charlotte?

Several cookies may be suitable for making your dessert:
- the boudoirs
- spoon cookies
- the pink cookies from Reims

The traditional ones will prefer the boudoirs.

Beginners will opt for spoon cookies. They wrap better, and prevent the cream from overflowing from your charlotte. They also have a softer side!

Fans of originality will adopt the pink cookies from Reims for the colorful touch. They are perfect for all charlottes made from red fruits!

And if not you can also make homemade spoon cookies

How to have a soft cookie?

You simply have to soak them in syrup! Soak them by turning them over. But be careful, a few seconds are enough! If they eat too much syrup, they will be brittle.

How do you get a trim that fits well?

You can use a gelatin sheet or agar-agar to freeze your filling. Before incorporating the gelatin, immerse it in cold water (for about 10 minutes). Wring it out and incorporate it into your just warm mixture.

If you make a foam (from fruits, at chocolate, etc.) you will not need it! It can be fixed on its own after a few hours in the refrigerator.

How to make a charlotte without a mold… with charlotte?

Use a small salad bowl with a lid or a plate. The result will be exactly the same. Once your assembly is complete, apply the cover, remembering to put a weight on top. A few hours in the fridge, and your dessert is ready!

How to properly unmold your charlotte?

There is a very simple trick to help you. Simply put a plastic wrap on the bottom and the walls of your mold. Moisten it slightly. When you unmold, just pull on the plastic. Your charlotte will be perfect, and will only ask to be tasted!

And now find out our selection of charlotte recipes, There is something for every taste !

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