Chic and easy: I want this summer make-up (video)

To be done in a few minutes to display a sophisticated look without overdoing it, this is the make-up to adopt for a summer evening.

The idea: divert a cream blush as a base on the eyelids, mix and moisten three shades of eyeshadows to give more intensity to their golden pigments, highlight the look with a line of black pencil and for the mouth, play jumbo pencils to impregnate the lips a pretty coral tone, ultra-bright.

This is the nice proposition of Patrick Lorentz, Senior Make-Up Artist Estée Lauder, who shares with you all his tips for easily making this make-up.

To your brushes!

Want a simpler look? Find a summer make-up to wear during the day.

Natural Smokey Eye Makeup Look | Chic Easy Everyday Makeup Tutorial | Sanne Vloet (May 2020)

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