Chocolate chip cookies for kids

This is THE recipe that kids love! Discover the adventures of Bobby the Cookie in a book published by the editions The Palissade. The concept, a book = 1 recipe in 32 illustrated step-by-step pages, is new and frankly clever. Full box with little gourmets who can finally cook (almost) on their own.

Ingredients :

- 150 g of butter

- 250g of flour

- 150 g of blond sugar

- an egg

- a teaspoon of vanilla extract

- a teaspoon of yeast

- 125 g of chocolate chips

Utensils :

- a balance or a measuring cup

- bowls

- a salad bowl

- a wooden spoon

- a whip

- baking paper

Bobby the Cookie's recipe

Step 1

Ask an adult to preheat the oven to 180 ° C. Be careful it burns!

2nd step

To start, you cut the butter into pieces to make it MELT.

But it doesn’t have to be hot or it will cook the other ingredients.

You can put it in the microwave for one minute in the DEFROST position.

Stage 3

In the salad bowl, mix the sugar + the melted butter using the whisk. You should get like a cream.
Then break the egg in a bowl and beat it with the whisk.
Step 4

Then you mix the beaten egg with the rest of the preparation in the bowl. Do not forget to add a small teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Step 5

Now you gradually mix the yeast and flour with the wooden spoon in the bowl.
And finally, add the chocolate chips!
Step 6

Line two baking sheets with baking paper.
Step 7

Take a tablespoon of cookie dough. Make a ball in the palm of your hand. And put the ball on the plate by pressing a little on the top. Space the small piles of dough well (they will spread while baking).

Step 8

Bake one plate at a time in the oven at 180 ° C for 10 minutes PILE-POIL, NO MORE, NOT LESS!


You could burn yourself very badly.
Step 9

Now wait a quarter of an hour and ... that's it you can eat Bobby the cookie.

Author and illustrations: Marie Quenotte

To devour

Have your kids devoured Bobby the Cookie? Let them discover Hélène la Madeleine and Armand fondant. There is little chance that you have a crumb left! Collection What if we ate? From Marie Quenotte, La Palissade editions, in good bookstores.

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