Christian Quesada case:

For seven months, Christian Quesada appeared on television daily. 193 programs during which he won more than 800,000 euros in winnings and seduced the French thanks to his good humor and his knowledge. What nobody - or almost - knew at that time, is that as a real doctor Jekyll and mister Hyde of PAF, the master of noon had a double personality. Viewers discovered the doldrums on March 27 during his incarceration for possession of child pornography images. Since that day, the testimonies of the alleged victims have multiplied.

The young Melissa chose Do not touch My TV to confide this Tuesday, April 16. It all begins in 2017, when the 17-year-old girl decides to congratulate the noon master on social networks and confides in him his desire to attend a shooting. Christian Quesada then offered to make his dream come true. He even pays for the ticket and the hotel.

Yes, but now, the 54-year-old father has an idea in his head. Once in the room, the former protégé of Jean-Luc Reichmann quickly became very insistent: "He was lying on the bed, and he told you to come next to him .... I didn't dare too much, I went next to him and there he started to kiss me on the mouth ... so after five minutes I put my hand over my mouth. He dared to take it away from me to kiss me again. "

At that time, the gifted of the TV games tries to coax him: "You feel safe with me, you will realize your dream, you will see Cyril and Camille ". But the girl is far from reassured: "In my head I said to myself, "From where I am safe, he is raping me. [...] He took advantage of my confidence to get there ". A new testimony that is cold in the back ...

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