Christmas DIY: a natural Advent calendar

Budget: 15 €

You need :

24 lovely surprises
1 Advent Calendar kit composed of:
24 kraft bags (12 x 21cm)
24 white star labels
1 gel pen
12 meters of Baker Twine Solid Red (red wire)

Step 1: Unearth little treasures to fill the calendar

A nice Advent calendar is good, but the most important are the treasures that we will find in it! You can find small “Madeleine de Proust” objects at Chacha-leshop… Pretty glitter bracelets, roudoudous, game elastics and candy necklace ... It's up to you to find the treasures that will delight your little ones!

Step 2: Draw nice numbers on the star labels

Then decorate the star labels with 24 pretty numbers.

Please note: labels must be left to dry for at least 1 day as the labels are glazed and the ink may spill if you run your fingers over them.

Step 3: Fill the 24 sachets

Fill the bags with the 24 surprises.

Step 4: Hang the stars on the bags

Once the bags are closed, you need to make a small hole in the bags to pass the thread. Use pliers to hole the leather. Then pass the thread to hang the bag and the label together.

Step 5: Attach the bags while playing

It only remains to hang the sachets while playing on the levels using the wire! Choose a pretty branch to stay in the chic and natural atmosphere, but you can also use a pretty hanger, a coat rack, a chimney top ...

Credit: Yes Are Makers is a web platform that allows all creatives to come and share their know-how and techniques through tutorials. The Advent advent calendar tutorial is a creation of My Little Packagings, to be found on Yes Are Makers: and on the blog.

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