Christmas turkey: pan-fried, sautéed, rolled, stuffed… All our recipe ideas for cooking

Turkey, a party poultry par excellence

Next to the capon or the chicken, the turkey is one of the best festive poultry. It is known for its generous size: a 3 kg turkey feeds about 6 to 8 guests! Good to know: a turkey weighing less than 4 kg is more tender than a huge turkey, it would be better to cook 2 small ones rather than a large one if you want to receive many guests.
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There are many options for cooking Christmas turkey: you can actually cook it whole, or in parts, using for example its thighs, or its "Supreme" (white), in escalope for example. You can ask your butcher to provide you with a roasted turkey : boneless and cleaned, there is a nice roast just waiting to be stuffed!
You just have to decide which side to serve with the turkey ...

In a terrine, in dumplings ... easy and inexpensive turkey

For economic holiday recipes, you can cook the turkey already boned, using for example the ground turkey meat by your butcher. You can then concoct dumplings, to add a little crumb of bread soaked in milk, and eggs. In terrine, the idea is a bit the same: add to the meat other pieces of meats, of vegetables already seared, pieces of fresh cheeses... Everything is good to use, proportionally, a little less meat, and thus lower the cost of the dish! As a cold starter, the terrines are impeccable during a holiday meal : light and fresh, they do not dampen the appetite of the guests. You can also improvise a pierrade, and offer a few pretty pieces of turkey to grill per minute.

Stir-fry: quick and easy pan-fried turkey

To offer fried turkey to your guests, we advise you to do marinate the meat beforehand: in addition to flavoring it, this operation tenderizes the meat and makes it even more melting, never dry. Incorporate a dash of lemon or vinegar juice to your marinade, to reinforce this action.
Once marinated, several hours in the fridge, drain the pieces of turkey, and throw them in a very hot frying pan with a little fat. Now is not the time to make "light": for a generous party kitchen, there is at least 20 g of butter or 1 tsp. oil soup. Make color the pieces of meat on all sides, mixing them constantly: they should be colored around, not necessarily cooked through. Then add the ingredients for the sauce: a little White wine, of broth, or another liquid that will be brought to a boil. Then turn down the heat: that simmers very slowly ! Let the magic happen, the meat will take a few more minutes to cook to the heart, without drying out, thanks to the presence of this creamy sauce.

In “rolls”: turkey in ballotine, a chic idea that changes!

To make turkey rolls, you will need 1 scallop per person. The detail that changes everything: flatten with a rolling pin, hitting them or rolling them for a long time, to make them finer, but also more tender. You will only be left garnish your cutlets : a rather wet stuffing, which contains for example vegetables already fried, little swiss or cream cheese, helps keep meat very soft. Spread this garnish over the whole surface of the cutlet, in a slightly thick layer, then roll up. Keep closed with one or more wooden picks. If you wish, you can "Bard" these rolls, by rolling them in thin, very thin slices of bacon or bacon. A chic effect, which also brings crispness and gluttony!

Just like cooking fried turkey, you will then have to “color” the rolls in a frying pan very hot with fat, then add a liquid (wine, broth, etc.) and lower the heat a little before covering: the sauce should simmer with small broths, so as not to overcook the meat. Taste and adjust the seasoning, add cream to the sauce if necessary to make it more creamy: your rolls are soon ready! Allow at least 10 min for cooking.

Stuffed turkey: a timeless classic

Star of the Christmas menu, beautiful roasted and stuffed poultry does not necessarily require hours of work. Buy it from the butcher, already empty (but you can ask for offal separately, to chop them and include them in your stuffing). To make a very easy stuffing for the turkey, use a food processor: place crumbled bread in a little milk, chicken livers, sautéed chanterelles, lots of herbs, and a little port. Mix, it's ready!

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