Complementary retirement: bad news for those who have extra quarters

From 2019, a penalty will apply to those who retire as soon as they meet the conditions to benefit from a full pension. Even if they have validated more quarters than necessary ...

This is another side effect of the reform of private complementary pension plans that no one had seen coming ... And it is once again linked to the 10% penalty to be applied to future retirees from January 1, 2019, if they request the payment of their Agirc-Arrco pension as soon as they meet the conditions to benefit from a full rate retirement. While we revealed a few days ago the problem that this posed for employees who could leave before age 62, it turns out that the device risks, as it stands, also penalizing those who total more than the number of quarters required, at age 62.

Take the case of an insured, mother of three, for whom the duration of insurance required for the full rate is fixed at 166 quarters. Thanks to the increased child quarters she can claim (24 for three children), she will have gathered the required duration of insurance to benefit from the full rate a little before 59 years because she did not interrupt her career to raise them. But since the minimum retirement age is set at 62, she must wait until she reaches this minimum age to apply for retirement. She will therefore liquidate her retirement at 62, with just over 182 quarters instead of the 166 required. But despite his 16 quarters of “too much”, we will still apply a penalty ... Read more on, our partner, law, health, money.

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