Cooked or raw, our best stuffed zucchini recipes

Stuffed zucchini are really one of our favorite zucchini recipes! Simple, tasty, they are suitable even for large tables and can be enjoyed as warm, the day after a feast ...

Round zucchini, or long zucchini for my stuffed zucchini?

Above all, choose your racehorse: the long zucchini is slightly more tender, fluffy, and the round zucchini is often a little firmer. The latter lend themselves very well to the game, because they offer a nice cavity for stuffing, but they make a little less juice than long zucchini. Their skin is sometimes a little thick, it can even sometimes end up on the edge of the plate ...

What stuffing to use for stuffed zucchini?

With minced meat, sausage meat, leftover fish, pulses or minced vegetables, you can do miracles! Use your leftover meat or fish to make perfect little stuffings: chop or finely cut them with a knife. To increase the volume of the stuffing, you will of course use the flesh of the courgette, cut into small dice. You can also add a mince of fresh herbs, but also bread crumbs (soaked in a little milk or broth), or breadcrumbs. Add legumes or grains, such as rice, wheat, spelled, but already cooked. To give your stuffings a hold and a binder, don't forget to break an egg or two.

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How to make vegetarian stuffed zucchini?

It's simple, because almost all vegetables work for this recipe: tomatoes, peas, potatoes, beans, and of course zucchini meat ... Use already cooked vegetables (they must have already “sweated” ”And returned their vegetable water) and season generously. Chop or coarsely mix them, and mix with a little (raw) semolina, breadcrumbs, or even a little flour. Add an egg to keep the stuffing going well, or grate, if desired, a little cheese in the stuffing. You can also add a few spoonfuls of chia seeds, soaked in a liquid for 15 min.

What meat for successful stuffed zucchini?

Use the meat of your choice, pork, beef, or even lamb. Choose minced meat, with a piece that is not necessarily noble (your butcher will be able to advise you), or else cut leftover cooked meat yourself with a knife or mincer.

What accompaniment for my stuffed zucchini?

To accompany your stuffed zucchini, prefer pulses and quick-cooking cereals, such as white rice or semolina. Cook them for a few minutes in boiling water, then drain them and place them in the bottom of the baking dish, previously oiled. Pour the equivalent of a small glass of water (or broth), then place the stuffed zucchini on this bed of rice. The juice made by the zucchini stuffed during cooking will soak the rice (or semolina) and finish cooking while flavoring it.

I made too many stuffed zucchini!

Freeze your stuffed zucchini raw, or already cooked, and keep them for a maximum of 3 months in the freezer. Wrap them in baking paper to prevent them from sticking together, and protect them from contact with other food. Let them thaw overnight in the refrigerator (never in the open air!) Before baking, following the directions in the recipe.

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