Creative cuisine: carrot and mozzarella snails

Simple and super quick to make, these little snails will brighten up your table and be a good way for your children to eat vegetables.

Ingredients for 8 snails

8 carrots

4 chive stalks

8 mozzarella balls

Tomato concentrate


A cutting board

A thrifty

A skewer

A presentation plate


Step 1

Wash and drain the chives then cut into each strand two pieces of about 4 cm.

2nd step

Cut all the carrot tops and wash them. Peel the carrots and round the ends.

Stage 3

Using a skewer, plant the chive stalks in the carrot to form the antennae.

Step 4

To form the shells of the snails, place a ball of mozzarella on each carrot. Then decorate the shell with a spiral in tomato sauce.

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