Creole cuisine: our easy and delicious recipes

When you think of the West Indies, you immediately imagine the beach and the azure blue sea. But to capture the atmosphere that reigns there (and adopt it!) You have to taste its typical and generous cuisine. Follow us, we take you on a journey among the smells of colombo and plantain. We introduce you to our favorite Creole recipes (and easy to prepare).

The editorial tip: replace the usual fats (butter and oil) with coconut oil. It does not burn and delicately scents both sweet and savory preparations.

The mythical recipe: colombo

The Colombo takes its name from the eponymous city located in Sri Lanka. There are as many Colombo recipes as there are families in the West Indies. This preparation takes its name from a mixture of spices called colombo, with an orange-yellow color similar to that of curry. The most used spices in this mixture are turmeric, coriander, mustard seed, pepper, cumin, fenugreek and cloves. The spices can be roasted or simply mixed together.

Most of the time we find this preparation associated with chicken. But you can also cook colombo with pork, shrimp, fish and even vegetables.

Seafood products in the spotlight

Island life requires, seafood is very present in Creole cuisine. Shrimps and prawns are very easy to cook and marry, with colombo spices or in a coconut milk sauce. But the star of Creole cuisine is beautiful and cod! This fish is cooked in the famous acras, these small fried bites that can be enjoyed as an aperitif or as a starter.

Discover the recipe in video of the fish court-bouillon.

Fruit to brighten up dishes

The fruits bring freshness and a delicious sweet taste to Creole preparations. Mango can be cooked as well as a dessert or in savory preparations. The emblematic fruits of Creole cuisine are pineapples, bananas (plantains in particular) and coconuts. Cooked in flans or cakes, these fruits will delight the palate after a spicy meal.

Tart and iconic drinks

If punch is the drink that comes to mind first, it's not for nothing! Rum is an alcohol emblematic of the Caribbean islands and is very popular in cocktails. Mixed with fresh fruit juices it is sip all year round.

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