Cupcakes that make the buzz

This year, you (perhaps) fell for the wave of fringed clothes, cut your hair into a “lob” (a long square), or fell for flavored waters. Is it serious doctor ? Not really, you're just diagnosed with a slight addiction to fashion and trends.

Look forward to a small dose, to consume without moderation: do you know the trends in pastry?

Born in the seventies, the baba is making a comeback. In stores, it is sold with its syringe of rum, to imbibe it at the last moment, but we, it is when it is served in its syrup that we prefer it. The chefs decorate it with diced fruit and gold flakes. Try our recipe for babas with rums and citrus fruits, soft and fully inflated with baker's yeast.

Straight from the United States, crinckles are the new cookies… and more fluffy. Sprinkled with a generous layer of icing sugar, our chocolate crinckles are super regressive, swollen like little plump clouds. We love’em! - sorry: we love them!

As for the chefs, it was Alain Passard who launched his apple pie a few years ago, finely cut like precious roses. With a touch of creativity, a little application and a lot of indulgence, this chef's dessert has slowly evolved into a version accessible to all: our apple rose in tarts will undoubtedly draw their phones to your friends. take a picture of it: such a cute tart, it can't be forgotten!

Another delicacy at the heart of the trend, small cabbage. Lauren Koumetz, creator of the Popelini boutique in Paris, will not say the opposite. This little cabbage specialist has restored her acclaim. In our recipe, the pink darlings are tasted in a mini version, decorated with very bright colors for a super colorful taste.

A favorite of Americans, the angel cake quickly won over the French public. This completely aerial cake, light as a soufflé, is not only pretty: it is also delicious! In these little angel cakes, we put lime to flavor delicately without weighing it down, and a little whipped cream to extend the experience. The angel cake is divine!

We know cheesecakes well, they are everywhere (for our greatest happiness). But whether you are lactose intolerant, want to be light, or just want to vary the pleasures a bit, you throw yourself on this vegans cheesecake recipe, which uses cashews, coconut butter, and cocoa butter to make a melting and very fragrant dough. Easy to prepare, easy to digest… and so good to taste!

The latest chef fad? Pastéis de nata. These little Portuguese desserts had the reputation of being heavy and not very thin. But that was before. Today, we are melting for these crunchy sweetnesses, full of taste and lightness. By using a good puff pastry, you are sure to succeed! Always prefer pure butter puff pastry (check in the ingredients that it does not contain oil), with few ingredients (no untimely additives!) Or better: order 1 kg from your baker! You will separate it into 200 g sections that you will freeze for later.

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Recipes: Virginie Martin.
Photo credit: Laurent Rouvrais

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