Dare the boyish eyebrow (video)

On the occasion of this special beauty week Razor Girl Press, we are launching a new video series "Beauty challenges". The goal : ask hairstyling and make-up experts to create a hairstyle or make-up in a few minutes or with a limited number of accessories.

First to get started on the make-up side: Carole Colombani, make-up artist Gemey Maybelline.

His challenge: give the eyebrow a trendy look with just two tools: an eyebrow pencil and an eyebrow mascara.

Why she likes her tools : the pencil will be used to hatch it to fill in the imperfections and redraw the line. The mascara, super easy to use even for the most novice of us, allows us to sculpt, densify and make up in a single gesture.

His little pro tip: choose a color slightly darker than her eyebrow to be perfectly matched with her hair roots.

So ready to try?

Want a simpler eyebrow? Find the make-up challenge in video: an eyebrow structured in 1 min chono.

Boyish/ Androgynous Beauty Makeup Tutorial (May 2020)

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