Death of singer Nilda Fernandez at the age of 61

"Madrid, Madrid, the price I pay is still a few hours without sleep, to remember you". Nilda Fernandez, singer known for her songs Madrid Madrid or Our engagement, died on Sunday May 19 from heart failure in the south of France. He was 61 years old. "Author, composer, performer, Nilda devoted her whole life to creation. Musician, writer, he embodied the figure of the artist to the very depths of his being", testified his family.

Nilda Fernandez was born in Barcelona in 1957 before arriving in France at the age of six with his family. He recorded his first album in 1981, Cash Happiness, under the artistic direction of Claude Dejacques. He won his first success, notably thanks to the timbre of his soft, high-pitched voice. The celebrity arrives in 1991, with the release of his album Nilda Fernandez on which the tube appears Our engagement. This success earned him five nominations for Victoires de la Musique. He finally won the prize for the best male hope. Nilda Fernandez continues her career and releases ten albums thereafter.

Many personalities have paid tribute to the artist on social networks, including Nikos Aliagas who split a long and moving tribute on Instagram: "Some Sundays are sadder than others. This morning the friend Mathieu Johann I learned of the death of Nilda Fernandez. Do artists ever die? "Maybe I became an artist out of life ..." he told me one day. Léo Ferré, Bashung, Georges Moustaki loved him. Because he was pure and loyal, far from the cynics and little souls. I liked his delicate nostalgia. Poet, singer, traveler, bohemian, cosmopolitan, Nilda Fernandez meant every word and every breath. [...] Your voice, your songs I have never stopped listening to them since I was twenty [...]. "

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