Diam’s: who is her husband, Faouzi Tarkhani, who is releasing a children's novel?

Since the singer diam's found her “Deadly guy”, she deserted the TV sets and put aside her musical career. Exiled abroad, as Vitaa said in the newspaper Provence, the former rap star, has devoted herself entirely to her family life. Diam’s mother is also married to a writer and rapper. Faouzi Tarkhani, author of the novel Frowned upon, testimony of a Salafist who condemns terrorism.

Faouzi Tarkhani and Mélanie Georgiade, alias diam's, have so much in common that their love seems obvious. Both raised in Parisian suburbs known for their urban violence, the two rap enthusiasts quickly fall into delinquency. While Diam’s sang in 2003: “Street girl does not mean kaïra in the soul, I do not know the cop” in his album Brut of Woman, Faouzi Tarkhani, registered at the Sorbonne to study literature, nevertheless made himself known to the Sarcelles police services because of his drug use and acts of vandalism.

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Faouzi Tarkhani has been blind since his adolescence. Indeed, while playing with his friends with his father’s shotgun, one of them fired the trigger and shot him, which would make him almost blind. A handicap he mentions in his title Black shelters me, released in 1998: “Friend tell me if my neighborhood is still gray? I've been in the dark for 10 years now. It drops down in my memory like sugar in the water, did I lose something tell me if this world is beautiful? ” After signing his first album with a major major, Faouzi Tarkhani devotes himself to writing his first novel: Frowned upon, testimony of a Salafist who condemns terrorism, in which he expresses his frustration, as a claimed Salafist, at being “Systematically put in the same basket by politicians and by certain media, out of intellectual laziness and ignorance often, out of malice sometimes.”

On March 2, Faouzi Tarkhani published a Twitter message on which he announced the release of his new book: a youth novel. "A novel that insha allah will appeal to young Muslims, with morale, religious exhortations, and adventure! "

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A novel that insha allah will appeal to young Muslims, with moral, religious exhortations, and adventure!

- FaouziTarkhani (@FaouziTarkhani) March 2, 2019

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