Discover the new silly and very dangerous challenge that teens are taking on

After the "Blue Whale Challenge ", a morbid "game" that drives teens to suicide, and"Ice and Salt Challenge" which consists in applying salt then an ice cube on the skin before holding as long as possible, here is a new challenge just as silly and dangerous: The "Tide Pod Challenge".

This challenge was invented when a brand in the United States distributes detergent in pods, blue and red. The resemblance to colorful sweets is problematic, and the American poison control center has already identified many cases of involuntary ingestion by young, including 10 deaths.

Today it is teenagers in the United States who launch the challenge of eating this type of laundry pods, often under the eye of a camera to be able to share their "feat" thereafter on social networks. However, these single doses intended for washing dirty clothes contain very toxic products such as ethanol, hydrogen peroxide, or even polymers. A very harmful mixture for health which can even prove fatal.

If this challenge started with a joke, it is currently invading social networks in the United States and could well come to us this year… So be alert!

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