DIY: A fantasy potholder

No more summer, fresh salads and cocktails. Autumn also rhymes with the return of hot recipes, including gratins, roasted or other seasonal desserts. Only, the cloth lying around the oven does not prevent us from burning the dish just out of the oven. In addition to being useful, these small potholders can become decorative objects, depending on the fabric you choose.

The material to be used

  • 2 squares of a pretty thick cotton fabric
  • fleece
  • Sewing machine

The stages of realization

Step 1

Place the 2 squares of fabric right sides together, then stitch 0.5 cm from the edge on 3 sides, the last used to insert the fleece.

2nd step

Turn the bag over and slide the slightly smaller fleece into it.

Stage 3

Thanks to the fabric scraps, make a small leg and stitch it there. You can also find, on the site, a tutorial to make this paw. After pinning it, slide it into the opening and close at hidden points.

Step 4

Topstitch the 4 sides of the pot holder to bring a little extra decorative touch.

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