DIY DIY: A personalized shelf for my bedroom

Kit furniture is practical and inexpensive. Personalize these home basics to make them unique, to your taste. With a little concentration and a jigsaw, transform for example a very simple shelf, to make it the strong point of your decoration.


- 1 shelf to refresh

- 1 medium panel to the dimensions of your shelf: height and width x2, 30cm wide

- 1 circular object, for example a trivet or an old 45 rpm.

- 1 pot of special wood paint and its undercoat

- Brush, paint tray

- 1 hammer with twenty nails

- Meter, ruler, pencil, sandpaper

- 1 pendulum jigsaw Autoselect Black + Decker

Creation Black + Decker.


Step 1: Preparation of the panels

• Measure your shelf well and cut your medium panel into four parts, to the exact dimensions of your shelf (width x2 and height x2).

• On each of the four parts, draw in pencil a border line 2 cm from the outer edge and two marks also 2 cm from the ends of each panel.

Step 2: Drawing the arabesques

• To create the curved pattern, measure the height of each of your panels between the two marks (therefore the total height deducted from 4cm) and divide it by the number of arabesques you want to obtain. In the case of a shelf 80 cm wide and 200 cm high, you can consider 4 rounds in width and 10 in height. For widths, the calculation is as follows: (80 cm - 4 cm) / 4 patterns = 19 cm.

• Over the entire length of your panels, draw markers on your border line, every 19 cm (or according to your personal measurements).

• Then place your circular object so as to bring together the marks and draw your arabesques on the wood. Your cutting template is ready.

Step 3: Cutting the arabesques

• To be able to access the cutting line with the jigsaw, drill a hole in the panel, above your arabesques.

• With the saw, carefully cut your four panels following the lines of the arabesques.

• Sand the edges with the sandpaper.

Step 4: Painting the decorative border

• Apply a wooden underlay on all your medium panels.

• Apply a first coat of paint, ideally the same color as your original shelf. Let dry according to the brand instructions.

Step 5: Assembling the borders and decoration

• Fasten one after the other, the four decorative borders on the shelf, using nails. Be sure to align the borders on the starting shelf.

• Apply a new coat of paint to the whole of your creation, hiding the nails to unify the entire shelf.

Pro stuff

• Once you have mastered your saw, you can draw smaller arabesques. To start, prefer large diameter circles.

• You can paint the background of the library in a different shade, the front borders will be more emphasized.

Black + Decker creation

Find other inspiring projects on the website Black + Decker.

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