DIY: space-saving storage on the wall

Practical and particularly customizable, this wall storage panel has it all. Put some order in your tools and save considerable space!


4 panels in poplar plywood (20x86x1,2cm; 71x31x1,2cm; 28x52x1,2cm; 40x52x1,2cm)

1 tool holder

Hammer & nails

1 pair of scissors and a pencil

Varnish in different shades of turquoise

Paint roller

Paint undercoat

Alcohol or glass cleaner without silicone

Double-sided adhesive tape (example: Attach Xtreme Objects 500kg tesa® 5mx19mm)


Step 1

Start by painting each of the plywood panels in the color of your choice. Paint both sides of each board well, then allow to dry. Then place the tools and their supports on the wooden panels. Mark the locations in pencil.

2nd step

Using a hammer, and after plotting the future places of your objects in pencil, drive a few nails into your poplar plywood panels. They will serve as supports and fasteners to hang your tools.

Stage 3

Use a little alcohol or silicone-free glass cleaner to wash the containers you want to fix. Don't worry about the front and clean the back. After which, stick a strip of double-sided tape and press firmly for 5 seconds. Then remove the protective film and place the containers on the previously marked locations. Hold them firmly for 5 seconds.

Step 4

Make sure the tape has set, then install the panels on the wall. With a pencil, mark the locations, taking care to separate each of the panels from its neighbors. Count about 3cm.

Step 5

On the wall, install five strips of double-sided tape vertically per panel. Alternate the lengths: approximately 20 cm, then the entire length of the panel. Press hard for 5 seconds, remove the protective film. Finally, fix your wall storage… You can now store your tools!

A Tesa® creation

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