Doubeurre: how to cook butternut squash

Doubeurre, also called butternut, is a squash from the cucurbit family. We feast from autumn to winter with this low-calorie squash, inexpensive and very easy to accompany. More complicated to cut, it remains a good alternative to potatoes or pumpkin, to vary during the dreary season.

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Doubeurre: a squash for the fall-winter season

Available on the stalls from september to march, this squash, cousin of pumpkin, pumpkin or pumpkin, combines with both fall and winter flavors. In the fall, it can be paired with mushrooms, in casseroles or pies. At Halloween, after digging and decorating it, we feast on its flesh. In winter, it is paired with parsnip, Jerusalem artichoke, brown in gratins. We also like to marry butternut squash with raclette cheese to create truly comforting recipes.

We cook it with steam or water

This is the basic cooking of butternut. By steaming or steaming it, it will become soft. You can also use water cooking as a pre-cooking, before incorporating it in a gratin or in a dish that will not cook too long afterwards.

We cook it in the oven

This is how we prefer it! By baking it, you can prepare delicious gratins, lasagna, diced roasted squash, and even fries! The easiest way is often to pre-cook the doubeurre with water and then finish baking, you will save time. Otherwise, you just have to cut it into fairly fine pieces, like for French fries, which cook for 25 to 35 minutes thanks to their small size. Baking also makes it possible to prepare stuffed butternut. Al meat, cheese or rice, the principle is simple. The squash is cut in half, lengthwise. We remove the filaments and the seeds and then dig the flesh of the butternut. Put your stuffing in it and put in the oven.

We cook it in the pan (or in the pan)

It's entirely possible. With or without pre-cooking, we cook the doubeurre in pan-fried dishes accompanied by seasonal vegetables, meat and / or cereals. Our favorite recipe? Butternut risotto, extra-tender and a real delight accompanied by bacon and fresh cream. The squash is also used as a base to replace the potato in the gnocchi.

But like its Halloween cuisine, squash can also be cooked in soup or cream. Peel and cook it in a large saucepan filled with water with aromatic herbs and spices, and other vegetables if desired.

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Butternut Pumpkin Squash [Cucurbita moschata - Doubeurre] (July 2020)

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