Duck leg confit: how to cook successfully?

If everything is good in the pig, it is also the case with the duck! Everyone knows the duck breast, elected favorite dish of the French, but there are also the aiguillettes, the thighs, the heart and of course the foie gras. Nothing is lost in the duck, even the fat is tasty and can replace the oil or butter. It is also essential in the recipe for Sarladaise potatoes, generally served with candied duck legs.

Discover our best recipes with candied duck legs.

Duck leg confit: how to degrease it?

Sold canned, in jars or vacuum-packed, candied duck legs are always preserved in the fat in which they cooked for a long time. It is therefore necessary to remove this fat before cooking, to avoid the frying effect.

If the fat is frozen, just immerse the can or airtight package for a few minutes in a pan of simmering water until it becomes liquid. Once the candied thighs have been removed, it is possible to pass them under a stream of lukewarm water to finish removing the fat.

However, the fat left in the can is reusable in many recipes. It is best to filter it to remove impurities (which may rot), it will keep for one to several months in an airtight container in the refrigerator, or better, in ice cube trays in the freezer.

Duck leg confit: how to cook successfully?

It seems difficult to miss the cooking of a duck leg confit, since the meat has already cooked during confectionery! However, there are a few rules to follow.

In the pan, you must start cooking on high heat, skin side so that it is crisp. After 5 minutes, simply empty the rendered fat, cover the pan then continue cooking over low heat for 10 minutes, so that the confit is hot to the core.

For recipes using the shredded flesh, the 5 minutes of cooking over high heat are sufficient, they will allow the fat contained in the flesh to be removed.

For baking, place the thighs in a dish or on a rack, skin side up so that it is crisp, for about twenty minutes at 180 °.

Duck leg confit: how to prepare it at home?

Confectionery is an ancestral technique allowing the meat to be preserved for several years. To prepare homemade duck confit, you must first obtain fatty duck, a duck of the “mulard” breed, which has been fattened in order to fatten its liver to obtain the foie gras. They are very easily found in the South-West, where “fat fairs” are regularly organized.

On the preparation side, the fatty duck legs are first coated in coarse salt, then reserved for 24 hours in the refrigerator. Once wiped, they cook for at least 2 hours on low heat, in a large amount of fat (duck).

They can then be eaten, or canned. It is then necessary to place the thighs in a jar or a can, cover them with still hot fat then sterilize them.

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