Duo of cocktails

Quench your thirst for your guests by offering them this cocktail duo they will love!

Raspberry Bellini

Preparation: 5 min


1 bottle of prosecco (Italian sparkling wine)

3 cl cane sugar syrup

1 tray of raspberries


Step 1

Reserve 6 raspberries. In the mortar, mash the rest of the puree with the cane sugar.

2nd step

In 6 cups, divide the raspberry puree. Top up with fresh prosecco.

Stage 3

Decorate each cup with a raspberry, serve immediately.


Preparation: 2 min

For 1 glass


12 cl of sparkling water

6 cl of Aperol (or Campari)

6 cl sparkling wine (Asti or Prosecco)

4 ice cubes


Step 1

In the shaker glass, place the ice cubes, the Aperol and the sparkling wine.

2nd step

Shake, then pour the contents into 1 tall glass. Top up with sparkling water. Serve immediately.

By Lucie Dauchy

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