Duo of mini-crunches

For an original aperitif, concoct mini croque-monsieur with the head of a monk and slices of “pan con tomate”. Success is assured!

For 6 persons

Mini croque-monsieur ham with herbs, monk's head

Preparation: 3 min

Cooking: 2 min


6 slices of peeled wholemeal bread

3 thin slices of ham with herbs

12 monk head florets (cheese)

1 sprig of rosemary

1 tablespoon olive oil.

freshly ground pepper


Step 1

Spread the ham and cheese over 3 slices of bread. Pepper, then sprinkle with rosemary needles.

2nd step

Close the croque-monsieur and brush them with olive oil using a brush. Cut the sandwiches into 4 squares.

Stage 3

Heat a non-stick pan, brown the crunches for 1 min on each side. Serve immediately.

"Pan con tomate" mini-crunch

Preparation: 4 min

Cooking 1 min


24 round slices of special toast bread

6 thin slices of raw ham

1 tomato

1 garlic clove

2 sprigs of basil


Step 1

Toast the bread for 1 min. Rub the peeled garlic clove and the halved tomato on 12 slices of bread.

2nd step

Divide the torn ham into strips and the chopped basil. Add the diced tomato. Close the croque-monsieur. Serve immediately.

By Lucie Dauchy

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